Torres, Jose

Director of Athletics K-12

Larry Washington

Washington, Larry

CPA Assistant Principal

Maryssa Robidoux

Robidoux, Maryssa

Special Education Process Coordinator

Tammecca Maxwell

Maxwell, Tammecca

CPA Assistant Principal

Felisha Harper

Harper, Felisha

CPA Principal

Kelsy Muenks

Muenks, Kelsy

QH Assistant Principal

LaKeshia Lewis

Lewis, LaKeshia

QH Principal

Justina Holt

Holt, Justina

CS Assistant Principal

Katherine Buzard

Buzard, Katherine

CS Principal

Latresse Yarbough

Yarbough, Latresse

Director of Finance

Karis Walker

Walker, Karis

Chief Academic Officer

Nikki Bates

Bates, Nikki

Diverse Learners Director

Gail Taylor

Taylor, Gail

HR Director

Trevor Steinbacher

Steinbacher, Trevor

Interim Chief Operating Officer

Tysie McDowell

McDowell, Tysie

Superintendent and Co-Founder

Kevin LeBranche

LaBranche, Kevin

Campus Safety, Security and Facilities Manager

Dustin King

King, Dustin

Special Education Director

Ashley Holman

Holman, Ashley

Enrollment Coordinator

Elizabeth Edmonds

Edmonds, Elizabeth

Data, Assessment and SIS Manager

Maria Dickson

Dickson, Maria

Director of External Affairs

Morgan Butler

Butler, Morgan

Director of Community Engagement